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About Me

Born in South-Africa and raised in a small farming community, Wiebo only had his imagination and nature to keep him occupied, until he discovered the magic of books.

He fell in love with the worlds and characters within from an early age. Soon he started to make up his own worlds and stories in his head. These stories developed voices, which clamoured to be heard. So he writes.

Twice shortlisted for his Flash Fiction and Poetry for the Fish Publishing Prize he has also had various stories published in Molotov Lit, National Flash Fiction Day, 101 Words and Horror Scribes and more.

He is currently focusing on editing his novels for publication.

If you would like to read more of his work or keep up to date with what he is doing please join his twitter account.



X: @WieboG

Insta: Wiebo Grobler (@wiebogrobler) 


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