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Once every century someone special is born. A great healer, a gifted inventor, architect or incredible leader. An individual who changes history and touches the lives of all those around them.
When such a child is born to the human rulers, their fortune soon turns to misery as the babe gets stolen. The kidnappers intend to use the child in a ritual to grant them special powers.
The child is saved, but at great cost and the ritual never comes to pass. 
A hundred years later and another child is born to a dying race. Their last hope at redemption and survival.  This small Prince will ensure the Banshee civilization does not die out.
The child gets snatched from his mother and again it’s race against time to save the babe from the same enemy who failed a hundred years ago and will stop at nothing to complete their ritual.


*  *  *


Conflict is part of a 3 book Adult Fantasy series that covers the struggles and evolution of various races. Elves, Human, Orc and Banshee.

Their mistrust, superstitions, legends and misunderstood intentions and how in the end everyone just wants to live free from the fear of being judged and persecuted by age old myth and misconception.







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