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New Orleans, 1846. Robert Coulten boards a riverboat heading for Natchez in search of his missing - presumed dead Father. As he is nears the boat, the boilers on-board explode. Scalding steam, superheated metal and splinters of smouldering wood rain down on those on the docks. Fighting for his life he is taken back to his plantation house where the responsibility of looking after him and the plantation falls onto his daughter, Savannahs shoulders. 
When tending to her injured father and her duties on the plantation become too much she sends for the help of her half-brother Emile. Emile receives the missive from his sister requesting his return from France where he is studying at a prestigious school. He immediately embarks on the first boat back to New Orleans. 
The journey itself would take several weeks and whilst Emile is going out of his mind with worry on the boat his sister uncovers the poisoning of her love interest, Jeffrey Whitman and a family secret which points to her mother’s death as murder and a local businessman known as The Tall Man - involved in it all.
With the help of Jeffrey, Savannah enters the dark and seedy parts of the French quarter to confront those responsible. Instead she manages to anger a vengeful priest and his zealot followers. Everything comes to a head when Emile finally arrives back home. 
It’s not the welcome he expects, as they fight for their lives against mysterious illnesses, Voodoo followers, the Tall Man and the mythical creature that roams the nearby swamp. To make matters worse their injured father has disappeared.


*  *  *


Savannah is part of a three book series. Set in 1840's New Orleans it follows the lives of a plantation owner and his children, Savannah and Emile. This is a historical fantasy series aimed at the adult and young adult market. 


There is a running story arc through the three books and also what I call “the monster of the day” in each. A problem our protagonists have to face on top of the main story that starts from chapter One and concludes at the final chapter.


Currently Savannah is complete at 95 000 words.  


I am looking for some beta readers for Savannah so if you are willing to read whilst looking for mistakes please let me know. I always appreciate feedback and constructive criticism.
Please click on the link below to download the 1st chapter of Savannah.



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